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Through our Project Management and Quantity Surveying Expertise, we have over the years offered technical audit services to clients. We conduct technical audits on projects to check and report on the progress of work versus the planned progress, actual cost of the project versus the budgeted cost, check on the quality of works among other variables. We review the Health and Safety related items on site and make recommendations on necessary action on behalf of Donor agencies or financing institution.
We advise the financier on the costs of any proposed variations and the effects they would have on the overall project cost. Through Earned Value Method (EVM), we compare the actual amounts paid by the Financier Vis-a- vis the Value of work produced on site. The information helps the financier to decide whether the scheduled payments should be disbursed by the financier to meet the undertaken, costs of or connected with development or construction

 Project Cost Control & Performance Audit

 Evaluate the accuracy of budgets, cost forecasts, and projected cash flow

 Assess costs incurred as compared to the progress achieved

 Assess financial and management controls

 Perform financial oversight and identify areas of potential financial risk

Evaluate potential over-billing

 Develop enhanced financial oversight systems and controls

 Project Management Assistance and Oversight

Independent project oversight of contractor performance

Assistance with procurement, contract negotiation, and contract administration

 Cost forecasts and cash flow analyses

Development of project schedules and performance tracking systems

Detailed cost tracking and schedule analyses to assess progress and risks

Monitoring of scope changes and management of change order process

Preparation of management reports of key project performance indicators

Recommendations for performance solutions to protect project budget and schedule

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