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Feasibility Studies

Work with specialists in underwriting studies to define the technical viability and financial feasibility of a concept taking into consideration the resources available and constraints.

Investment Appraisal

Assist the clients in an investment making decisions. Ensure that the recommendation for investment is based on prudent economic considerations. Maximise the returns on investment expected by considering which is the most critical factor in determining the profitability of the project between; Land Purchase, Building Cost and Rental Values. We determine which factor is easier to vary to yield optimal returns depending on each situation. We also advise the developer how profits might vary depending on certain risks in construction such as inflation or cost of financing.

Project Scope Definition

Work with the Client to establish the objectives and goals, which the project must satisfy. Manage Consultants and specialists in preparing Concept designs to meet the Client’s objectives and goals. Prepare an overall computerized project master program and detailed design, procurement and construction programs to be used for monitoring and controlling the progress of the complete project.

Appointment of Consultants

Make recommendations to the Client for the appointment of any Consultants or Specialist designers required for the proper design and construction of the project. Assist the Client in the preparation, negotiation and arrangement of the terms of each Consultancy agreement.

Concept Design Management

Establish efficient and effective lines of communication and procedures to enable the coordinated exchange of information between Client, Project Manager and other Consultants. It will be necessary to prepare a procedure manual. Monitor and co-ordinate the performance by the other Consultants in respect to their consultancy agreement. Monitor design development by other Consultants and promote and attend such a meeting that may be called by the Client or by any of the other Consultants.

Risk Analysis

Prepare a list of possible project risks before the agreement of the budget and agree on contingency sums to be used in the event of a risk occurrence. Implement risk management procedures to help reduce the effect of items identified in the risk analysis.

Value Engineering Studies

Establish cost versus function for various products and finishes used in the project to ensure that the Client gets the best value for money.

Procurement and Management of Construction Process

Advise Client on suitable lists of Contractors from whom tenders may be invited. Obtain and appraise references and resources of each Tenderer.

Condition Surveys

Aegis Development Solutions inspects building fabric and services and advises on the necessary improvement or remedial works necessary to enhance value or restoration of the existing facilities.

Technical Audit

We conduct technical audits of executed projects and prepares reports detailing technical matters, project status, and make recommendations on necessary action on behalf of Donor agencies, Government and State Agencies as well as any Financier or investor who may need such Audits either during construction or after completion.

Client Representation

Where the members in the client organisation are not in a position to commit time to the project due to other commitments or where the client is based in a foreign country, we represent client’s interests during all phases of the project acting as the surrogate client. We evaluate issues and make decisions on technical matters on behalf of the client in accordance with the brief given and terms of the contract. We take action should any aspect of the project appear likely to fail to achieve client objectives, public obligations, budget, and programming.
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