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Feasibility Studies

Carry out studies to satisfy that an adequate return on the capital invested is achieved. Other than this, we undertake studies to ensure that the proposed project is technically and financially feasible

Interim Valuations

Valuing works executed at various stages or times as per contract agreement. This ensures good cash flow to the project to successful completion without exposing the client to heavy financial risks

Investment Appraisal

Assist the clients in an investment making decisions. Ensure that the recommendation for investment is based on prudent economic considerations.

Risk Analysis

Prepare a list of possible project risks before the agreement of the budget and agree on contingency sums to be used in the event of a risk occurrence.

Technical Audit

We conduct technical audits of executed projects and prepares reports detailing technical matters, project status, and make recommendations on necessary action on behalf of Donor agencies,

Cost Estimation

Work out the probable cost of the project based on data from current market prices and making necessary adjustments for price escalation and fluctuation before tender and during construction.

What We Do

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