Post Contract Services

  • Preparation of cash-flow projections to advice on the patter of financial commitments throughout the project.
  • Advising on interim payments.
  • Advising on cost-saving measures (value Engineering) during the construction stage of the project.
  • Preparation of financial appraisals during construction stages to keep the client posted on the financial position at all times
  • Resolution of contractual disputes.
  • Evaluation and settlement of claims.
  • Advising on contractual implications of Project management decisions.

Feasibility Studies

Carry out studies to satisfy that an adequate return on the capital invested is achieved. Other than this, we undertake studies to ensure that the proposed project is technically feasible considering the available technology and cost of using such technology.

Estimating the Cost of Projects

Work out the probable cost of the project based on data from current market prices and making necessary adjustments for price escalation and fluctuation before tender and during construction. Our objective is to give probabilistic final account figure so as not to cause our client any financial embarrassment.

Providing Comparative Cost Information

We offer the cost of alternative construction method and material and construction to realize the optimal design.

Preparation of Tender Documents

Prepare tender documents such as bills of quantities, specifications and agreements. Advise the client on a suitable list of contractors from whom tenders may be invited. Considering the project requirements we advise on the most effective Tendering procedures having regard to time, cost and quality. After receiving tenders we analyze the tenders and issue to the client a report setting out such analysis of tender and recommending a contractor with whom the client should enter into a contract and reasons for such recommendation. Upon acceptance of the contract documents are properly executed including checking that the necessary Insurance covers are enhanced from time to time.

Negotiating Contract Sums

Where the client wishes to negotiate tender sums with the contractor, we advise the client and negotiate with the contractor the contract sum for the project.

Preparation of Schedule of Materials

In labour-only contracts, we work out quantities of materials needed to complete the works and times that such material will be required for clients procurement arrangements.

Cash Flow Projection

Advice on the pattern of financial commitment throughout the project to assist clients in meeting their financial obligations.

Interim Valuations

Valuing works executed at various stages or times as per contract agreement. This ensures good cash flow to the project to successful completion without exposing the client to heavy financial losses due to advance payments for undone works.

Avoidance and Resolution of Disputes

Take all reasonable steps to interpret contractual obligations under the contract. Mediate any disputes, which arise between the client and contractor and conduct any negotiations, which may be necessary to resolve them. Where disputes have arisen we appear in Arbitration hearings as an expert witness or Arbitral counsel.

Cost Saving Measures During Construction

During the construction process, costs are monitored and projections are made. If the projections indicate budget overruns value engineering measures are put in place to recommend economics in terms of cost and time which may be made provided they are consistent with the client’s goals and requirements are sound construction practice.

Settlement of Claims

Evaluate claims arising under the contract.

Final Accounts

Preparation and agreeing with the full a