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Financial Advisory Services


Financial Advisory Services

• Project Cost Control & Performance Audit
◦ Evaluate the accuracy of budgets, cost forecasts, and projected cash flow
◦ Assess costs incurred as compared to the progress achieved
◦ Assess financial and management controls
◦ Perform financial oversight and identify areas of potential financial risk
◦ Evaluate potential over-billing
◦ Develop enhanced financial oversight systems and controls

• Project Management Assistance and Oversight

◦ Independent project oversight of contractor performance
◦ Assistance with procurement, contract negotiation and contract administration
◦ Cost forecasts and cash flow analyses
◦ Development of project schedules and performance tracking systems
◦ Detailed cost tracking and schedule analyses to assess progress and risks
◦ Monitoring of scope changes and management of change order process
◦ Preparation of management reports of key project performance indicators
◦ Recommendations for performance solutions to protect project budget and schedule