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Quantity Surveying is a profession in the construction sector which involves providing expert advice on construction costs, budget for materials, labour and other related costs. A Quantity Surveyor (QS) also known as Cost Estimator, Cost Engineer, Cost Manager, is a professional in the construction sector who provides cost planning and control advice to the clients. The profession is regulated by Board of Registration for Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS) established under Cap 525.

 Cost planning involves preparation of cost estimates, budgets, quotations, cost targets and analysis usually at the design stage prior to construction stage. The master document prepared by a Quantity Surveyor used to set budget and control cost is called a Bill of Quantities initialed as BQ. A Quantity Surveyor prepares the tender documents entailing preparation of tender Bills of Quantities, specification document, instruction to bidders, invitation to bid letter, bid evaluation criteria among other sections that constitute a tender document.

Once the invited bidders have returned their bid, the Quantity Surveyor does the analysis by evaluating the submissions based on the criteria set as well as compare the bid prices. The most responsive evaluated bidder is recommended for award of the contract by the Employer. The award letter to the responsive bidder notifies the Quantity Surveyor to start preparing the contract documents, which once signed marks the commencement of the construction phase, also known as post contract phase.

During construction phase, the Quantity Surveyor does cost controlling to ensure the set budget is not exceeded. To control construction costs, the Quantity Surveyor prepares monthly or stage based valuations, financial appraisals, Penultimate Accounts and Final Accounts.

A Quantity Surveyor ensures the contractor abides by the signed contract documents, which entails the agreed Bill of Quantities, specifications, signed form of contract, the award & acceptance letters and any other document that may be annexed as part of the contract documents. By offering contractual advises, the Quantity Surveyor serves the role of a contract administrator in a construction project. In the event of a dispute in a contract, they negotiate, mediate and arbitrate on behalf of the client.

To be able to execute and offer the professional advice, the Quantity Surveyor ought to have undergone a thorough undergraduate training and a post-graduate professional training under a professional Quantity Surveyor.

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